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Standardized Patient Program

Welcome to Standardized Patient Program

The VCU Standardized Patient Program grew from a collaboration between the School of Medicine and the School of the Arts. Standardized patients serve as patients for learners at many levels to practice communication skills and physical examinations. They also assess students during high stakes tests throughout medical school. Some standardized patients are even trained to teach medical students to conduct physical examinations. They can portray a wide range of personalities and emotional traits to suit the needs of faculty and curriculum.

VCU standardized patients have held simulations outside the School of Medicine and VCU Health Systems for groups such as the School of Nursing, School of Dentistry, Dentistry @ VCU, and the School of Social Work.

Standardized patients are employees of the School of Medicine. They are a diverse group of community members. Some have backgrounds in education, healthcare, the arts, the service industry, or the private sector.

If you are interested in becoming a Standardized Patient, please contact Stacie Rearden Hall, our Standardized Patient Manager.

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